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Berard Auditory Integration Training

What is Berard Auditory Integration Training?

Berard AIT is a program created by Dr. Guy Berard to enable individuals to process auditory information (sounds) normally.  Dr. Berard states that a large number of people do not hear sounds in the correct frequencies and often both ears are not hearing and processing sounds equally.  He feels these differences from one ear to the other and variations in frequencies may contribute to:
  • confusion
  • processing problems
  • comprehension issues
  • poor attention
  • hyperactivity
  • learning disabilities
  • poor concentration
  • difficulty with reading skills
  • difficulty with fine motor skills
  • pervasive developmental disorders
  • autism
How can AIT help you or your child?

If you or your child have issues with sensitivity to sounds, language disorders, attention deficit and processing problems, history of hearing loss, autism, central auditory processing deficiencies, dyslexia, sensory integration issues, poor balance and motor coordination, Berard AIT can help.

How is the training done?

Headphones are worn and specially modulated music is played to help train the individual's hearing.  The AIT process is done in 30 minute sessions, twice a day, for a total of 10 hours.  There must be a minimum of a 3 hour interval between the two sessions.  We use the latest state of the art Berard approved Earducator TM.  Berard AIT is only provided by a trained Berard Practitioner and no home base CD program is either available or considered advisable by Dr. Berard.
To see if a practitioner is certified go to

How do we keep the headphones on?

This is of course a requirement for the training.  If you know your child may have issues, please discuss this with us well in advance so we can recommend several strategies for use before training and during the process.

What changes might I see?

Many parents report improvements such as reduction or elimination of ear-covering, decreased tantrums, improved focus and concentration. Improvement in speech/language, gains in cooperation and self confidence, decreased hyperactivity, improved writing skills, less sensory issues and improved ability to follow directions have also been achieved.

What is the cost of the program?

The cost for the entire program including all phone consults and follow up is $1,800.00.
A non refundable deposit of $250.00 is required at the time of booking to reserve your space.  The balance of $1250.00 is due on the first day of the program.

"These interventions are not behavior-analytic in nature and are not covered by my BACB credential."   
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